Building on the experience we have gained and responding to market changes and needs, we are constantly expanding our network of foreign partners and seek to remain a reliable partner of telecommunication service providers in Lithuania.

Value-added services

VAS numbers: transfer information, consultations or other value added services and receive income for each call incoming to a VAS number. We offer Lithuanian VAS numbers along with the possibility to choose from several different charge rates of the calls.

Virtual fax: enable your business customers to send and receive fax notifications by simply using their e-mail inbox instead of the traditional fax connected to a special telephone line. You will not need to configure this service by yourselves. Mediafon Carrier Services offers a complete solution which will be adapted to your and your customers’ needs as well as ensuring expeditious management of orders and changes.

Short numbers: we offer short Lithuanian numbers from the 18xx and 19xxx series that are implemented in the landline communication network of Mediafon Carrier Services. It is an excellent solution for your customers who are looking for an easily memorable number as well as aiming to increase the awareness and availability of their services.