Building on the experience we have gained and responding to market changes and needs, we are constantly expanding our network of foreign partners and seek to remain a reliable partner of telecommunication service providers in Lithuania.

DID numbers

We have been doing business with our virtual numbers for over 15 years, so we know them the best.The main principle of our number service is simplicity and flexibility. We only offer what is necessary for your services: number resources as well as collection and diversion of calls.

Geographic numbers expand the geography of your services and let you be where your customer is. Virtual geographic landline numbers are rapidly replacing traditional office telephony solutions as well as being used for conference calls, in call centers, for app services and in many other cases. We can provide a number belonging to any geographic location in Lithuania and numerous other locations all over the world.

National numbers are one landline number for any geographic location all over the country. It is designed for your customers who provide their services at a national or international level. Modern companies are increasingly providing their services in more than one country. Therefore, we offer national numbers of various countries from a single supplier and enable the benefits of combining them in one joint network.

Mobile communication numbers are designed to implement your or your customers’ digital over-the-top OTT telecommunication services.Consumers of communication services all over the world are increasingly often choosing modern communication solutions online instead of the usual products of mobile telecommunications operators. We can offer mobile communication numbers in nearly 20 countries.