Building on the experience we have gained and responding to market changes and needs, we are constantly expanding our network of foreign partners and seek to remain a reliable partner of telecommunication service providers in Lithuania.

Toll Free number service

Give your customers a privilege to improve their business with Toll Free numbers. Business and government companies all over the world constantly improve their service level. This has given rise to the increasing popularity of the Toll Free numbers, also known as ITFS or freephone numbers. The objective of this service is to enable the caller to call the service holder free of charge.

Guaranteed availability: we will ensure collection of the calls incoming to the Toll Free numbers allocated to you and will divert them to your network via IP or TDM connections.

Adapted to the needs of international business: your partners who operate in the global market and wish that their customers to be able to call them free of charge will no longer need to conclude contracts with different providers of services in each country. We offer Toll Free numbers from over 60 countries.

Flexibility and simplicity: a network based on modern technologies and connections, which do not require any complicated solutions, puts you in control of the calls incoming to all the Toll Free numbers allocated to you thus ensuring maximum quality of the services and servicing.