Building on the experience we have gained and responding to market changes and needs, we are constantly expanding our network of foreign partners and seek to remain a reliable partner of telecommunication service providers in Lithuania.

Wholesale Voice Traffic Transit Services

Since 2003 Mediafon Carrier Services has been providing voice traffic transit services to Lithuanian and foreign landline and mobile communication carriers as well as telecommunication service providers. We are currently one of the largest carrier in the Lithuanian transit market in terms of income and minutes of traffic transit.

Direct interconnections with all the major Lithuanian telecommunication carriers, as well as most alternative carriers, ensure high-quality voice traffic transit in Lithuania both for foreign and Lithuanian voice service providers.

With almost 200 connections in 40 different countries worldwide, we provide a reliable and stable international voice traffic transit service that meets all our customers’ expectations and satisfies the dynamic needs of the telecommunications market.

As many as 15 Lithuanian telecommunication service providers use Mediafon Carrier Services to send retail call traffic abroad and almost 10 out of the 20 largest mobile operators groups in the world rely on our company.

Mediafon Carrier Services specializes in voice traffic transit services to Europe and CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States), Asia and the Middle East; however, thanks to new investment and our ongoing development and expansion, we are now able to offer customers direct routes to Africa and Latin America.

We offer a range of quality international voice traffic transit services according to the individual needs of our customers. Our automated 24/7 quality monitoring system allows you to immediately detect any change in the usual quality, to quickly resolve the fault and to change the routing of voice traffic.