Building on the experience we have gained and responding to market changes and needs, we are constantly expanding our network of foreign partners and seek to remain a reliable partner of telecommunication service providers in Lithuania.

Voice Traffic Transit Services

  • A range of options (Retail, Premium and Standard) for international voice traffic transit.

  • Possibility to offer individual destination routing based on the customer's needs.

  • An automated 24/7 quality monitoring system.

  • Quick and effective fault resolution.

  • Automated system for testing the caller identity indication.

  • The option to connect via IP interface or a leased line (TDM).

  • Selection of points for network interconnection via an assigned line: Frankfurt, London, Vilnius.

  • Equipment operation monitoring and warning system as well as equipment and service transfer alternatives for internet service; leased lines intended to ensure continuity of service.

  • Timely settlement thanks to the financial stability of our company.


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