Slapukų Politika
Siekdami užtikrinti geriausią Jūsų naršymo patirtį, šioje svetainėje naudojame slapukus (ang. cookies). Savo sutikimą bet kada galėsite atšaukti pakeisdami interneto naršyklės nustatymus ir ištrindami įrašytus slapukus. Privatumo politiką rasite čia.

Mediafon CS services

Mediafon CS provides a complete range of telecommunications services and top-quality support to operators, SMS aggregators, and business clients. We are constantly expanding the scope of our services and developing new tools to adapt to the current telecommunications market and the unique needs of our clients.
SMS-agregator B2B enterprise Operator Number information services Number lookup service is for telecommunication service providers who would like to have information on number portability in a particular country where portability is enabled. Read more
SMS-agregator B2B enterprise Messaging services Having more than 20 years of experience and strong relationships with mobile operators worldwide, Mediafon CS can provide the highest quality direct SMS routes at the most competitive rates. Read more
Operator Voice Services Mediafon CS is the alternative fixed line and mobile operator in the Baltic states, which provides voice services to operators and telecommunication companies across the globe. Read more
B2B enterprise Operator Number services We offer DID numbers from over 60 countries from our own numbering resources or in cooperation with international partners. For Lithuanian numbers we ensure number portability, accessibility to emergency services from all numbers, and a 24/7 client portal for easy management of service. Read more