Slapukų Politika
Siekdami užtikrinti geriausią Jūsų naršymo patirtį, šioje svetainėje naudojame slapukus (ang. cookies). Savo sutikimą bet kada galėsite atšaukti pakeisdami interneto naršyklės nustatymus ir ištrindami įrašytus slapukus. Privatumo politiką rasite čia.

Voice Services

Mediafon CS is the alternative fixed line and mobile operator in the Baltic states, which provides voice services to operators and telecommunication companies across the globe.

With almost 200 connections in 67 different countries worldwide, we offer a reliable and stable voice traffic transit service that meets all our customers’ expectations and satisfies the dynamic needs of the telecommunications market.

Voice Traffic Transit Services
Fraud prevention services

Mediafon CS provides voice traffic transit services to Europe and CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States), Asia, and the Middle East; we are also able to offer customers direct routes to Africa and Latin America.

For European countries with applied surcharges, we have developed real-time A number verification system that:
– Blocks all calls with invalid, incomplete, and not allocated A numbers
– Gives additional value for wholesale carries by mitigating the risk of surcharges

We can offer a selection of services to help you monitor, detect and block calls with spoofed numbers and unofficial connections (SIM Box):

– A test call generation system that allows you to identify the locations where international incoming calls are completed by bypassing official operator connections
– If needed, we install the necessary equipment inside the operator’s network
– Real-time reports and analytics
– We offer tests to real subscriber numbers
– Data import to operators network

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